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As you may be aware, Netflix is releasing a second season of 13 Reasons Why, which includes 13 new episodes, set to release on May 18, 2018. As we shared last year, staff at West Allegheny including mental health professionals, do have significant concerns about the content covered in this show for particular student viewers. We strongly urge all parents to educate themselves about the show’s content and make an informed decision if the show is appropriate for your child. Actors on the show have shared that “this show may not be for you” if you are an individual struggling with depression, self-harm, or thoughts of suicide. Please refer to the following publications and website, issued by the National Association of School Psychologists and Suicide Awareness Voices of Education for additional information. 



13 Reasons Why Pre-Release Statement_SAVE.pdf



               Student Services Administrative Staff
                                                 Tammy Adams
                              Assistant to the Superintendent for
                              Special Education & Student Services

Meredith Gillo                                                         Erica Cicero
School Psychologist                                             School Psychologist

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Joan Madalinsky                                                    Amanda DeFazio
Secretary                                                                  Clerk

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jmadalinsky@westasd.org                                  adefazio@westasd.org
The Student Services Department's primary focus is to provide
parents and students with the information and supports and
services needed to be successful in the school environment. 
This department is responsible for overseeing programming in
specialized areas such as:
Annual Notice 
Chapter 14/Special Education 
Chapter 15/Section 504 Service Plans
Chapter 16 Gifted Education
English as a Second Language
Foster Care 
Health Services
Parent Information
Psychological Services
Safe and Supportive Schools 
School Counseling/Social Work
Student Assistance

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