Log House

Log House

The McAdow-McAdams Wilson Log House

The McAdow-McAdams Wilson Log House This two-story log house, built around 1774, rests on the Wilson Elementary School property. It was built by John McAdow and later sold to David McAdams. The house was home to the McAdams family from 1801-1865. It passed through many generations of the McAdams family and later sold to other families. The Carl Meanor family and the Dominic Rossi family also lived there. Wilson School was named after a past Superintendent of the West Allegheny School District, A. D. Wilson and his name was added to the log house name. Now owned by the West Allegheny School District, the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation lists the structure as the only existing log house in Findlay Township.

Major restoration of the building took place during the 1985-86 school year. Wilson School began fundraising in 1986, and with matching funds from the District and the Pittsburgh Foundation, a total of $30,000 was contributed for the restoration. The restoration project was done by Brad Mooney of Historic Restorations. On November 12, 1986, the McAdow-McAdams Wilson Log House was formally dedicated to the children of Wilson Elementary School, their teachers families and the residents of Findlay Township.

Though the log house is over 200 years old, the school currently uses the house as a historic learning center. Classes from other school districts have visited the Wilson Log House. At Thanksgiving time, second graders have a Thanksgiving feast at the log house. Environmental classes are held at the outside classroom area. "Love our Log House Month" used to be celebrated in February, but now will be celebrated in the fall. The students will enjoy "Love Our Log House" with special dress-up days, special lunch menu items and "Pioneer Day". "Pioneer Day" consists for various colonial activites in and around the log house. A Log House Auction is held bi-annually to raise funds to keep the McAdow-McAdams Wilson Log House as an integral part of Wilson School. In the past seventeen years, over $20,000 has been raised to maintain the building.