Safe and Supportive Schools

Safe and Supportive Schools

West Allegheny School District strives to ensure that our schools are free from judgment, prejudice and bias where students can learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment.  To this end, West Allegheny School District is proud to launch its Safe and Supportive Schools Program by convening a committee of school and community representatives to work collaboratively toward our common goal.


The scope of this committee’s responsibility has encompassed a comprehensive review of the District’s bullying policy, prevention programs, Code of Conduct and crisis response plan, as well as provide input and guidance for improvement and establishment of potential partnerships.

Committee Members

Mr. Christopher Shattuck, Co-chair                                        Mrs. Tracy Pustover, Co-chair
Assistant Superintendent                                                         School Board Director

Dr. Jerri Lynn Lippert, Superintendent                                                                             
Lori Bertella                                                                               Jennifer Mosesso  
Lori Buglak                                                                                  Janna Palombia 
Lynn Campbell                                                                           Amy Rozum
Erica Cicero                                                                                 Kris Sabin
Elaine Fitzgerald                                                                        Stephanie Santoro  
Mike Hayes                                                                                 Debbie Schaupp
Jenna Hollyfield                                                                         Lyndy Stout
Tracy Hoge                                                                                  Kathy Taylor 
Megan Huchko                                                                           Jennifer Thompson 
Shelia Johns                                                                                Greg Taranto
Tammy Kandracs                                                                       Mackenzie Walters 
Rebecca Kuna                                                                            Henry Yoder 
Rebecca Lisoto                                                                          
Andrew Miller
 Robert Moran

Committee Norms

  • Remain open-minded, objective, and accepting of others' ideas and points of view
  • Express disagreement with the idea not the person
  • Be direct and to the point, task oriented
  • Listen and don't interrupt
  • Active and balanced participation
  • Learn to trust one another
  • Avoid hidden agendas and what ifs
  • Focus on solutions, not problems
  • Teamwork
  • Everyone has an equal voice
  • Remain student focused at all times!
  • Be brave and carry out the work to the neediest students