Chapter 14/Special Education

West Allegheny School District’s Special Education Plan is available below for public review. 
Questions or comments may be directed to Ms. Tammy Adams, Assistant to the Superintendent for Special Education & Student Services at 724-695-5221 or tadams@westasd.org. 
Working to provide an educational foundation
on which success can be built, one student at a time

The West Allegheny School District Pupil Services Department is dedicated to offering individualized appropriate educational services to exceptional students.  Special Education services include: autistic support, emotional support, learning support, life skills support, multiple disabilities and speech and language.  The district works with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit to provide occupational/physical therapy, hearing and vision services.  

Special Education is provided to all students in the West Allegheny School District who are eligible under the Pennsylvania School Code Chapter 14.  If a parent feels their child is in need of special programming, they should contact the classroom teacher, school counselor, or building principal.  All information discussed will be confidential and comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

If you would like any further information about the special education program, you may contact the Pupil Services office at 724-695-5221.     




                                              DONALDSON ELEMENTARY

Lisa Panucci – Special Ed Teacher                        Denise Elicker – Special Ed Teacher
lpanucci@westasd.org                                             delicker@westasd.org

Kristina Tissue – Special Ed Teacher                    Julie Vukovcan – Speech & Language     ktissue@westasd.org                                                jvukovcan@westasd.org

                                                      MCKEE ELEMENTARY

Susan Tarquinio – Special Ed Teacher                  Lisa Wensell - Special Ed Teacher
starquinio@westasd.org                                          lwensell@westasd.org
                                      Karen Machusko – Speech & Language                                                                                                       kmachusko@westasd.org

                                                      WILSON ELEMENTARY

Aimee Schwartzmiller–Special Ed Teacher        Hannah Nohe – Special Ed Teacher
aschwartzmiller@westasd.org                               nohe@westasd.org      

Tawnya Weidinger – Special Ed Teacher             Jennifer Rogers – Special Ed Teacher tweidinger@westasd.org                                         jrogers@westasd.org 

Darla Cowburn – Special Ed Teacher                     Lauren Boyle – Speech & Language dcowburn@westasd.org                                            lboyle@westasd.org                                   

                                                               MIDDLE SCHOOL
Heather Cozzo – Special Ed Teacher                      Julie Hahka – Special Ed Teacher hcozzo@westasd.org                                                  jhahka@westasd.org  

Brian Lambert – Special Ed Teacher                       Jackie Schmidt – Special Ed Teacher blambert@westasd.org                                               jschmidt@westasd.org

Sharon Lepri – Special Ed Teacher                           Melissa Bunyak – Special Ed Teacher slepri@westasd.org                                                      mbunyak@westasd.org         

Kaitlin Huff – Special Ed Teacher                               Krista Dapper – Speech & Language khuff@westasd.org                                                           kdapper@westasd.org

                                                                   HIGH SCHOOL
Lauren Barry – Special Ed Teacher                          Kristy Bennett – Special Ed Teacher lbarry@westasd.org                                                     kbennett@westasd.org          

Lisa Carter – Special Ed Teacher                               Bryan Cornell – Special Ed Teacher lcarter@westasd.org                                                     bcornell@westasd.org

Tammy Kester – Special Ed                                        Amy Krek – Special Ed Teacher tkester@westasd.org                                                   akrek@westasd.org

Kim Pijanowski – Special Ed Teacher                        Tony Castelluci – Special Ed Teacher kpijanowski@westasd.org                                            acastelluci@westasd.org        

Krista Dapper – Speech & Language                                                                     kdapper@westasd.org