Summer Mathematics

Summer Mathematics - Grades 1-5

Summer is a wonderful time for families to participate in the education of their children. During the summer months many students experience a summer regression of basic math skills. While this is concerning, there is an easy way to minimize the regression, by participating in the Summer Math Program! Similar to our golf swings or level of fitness, math skills regress when not practiced. Research suggests that the learning regression during the summer months for students in mathematics equates to 2.6 months of instruction on average. (Entwisle, Alexander, & Olson 2001). The Summer Math Program is designed to help your child maintain and possibly increase their math skills through practice of important mathematics skills.

Children entering grades 1 through grade 5 are being asked to practice specific skills that when strengthened, help increase your child’s potential for mathematics success during the upcoming school year. We ask that your child practice the skills as often as possible but at least for 30 minutes a week during the summer months.