School Closure

As per Governor Wolf's stay-at-home order, West Allegheny Schools will remain closed through April 30.


Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information

Act 153 of 2014 requires each parent volunteer to have all three criminal background clearances and to update these clearances on a five-year cycle. The applicant (volunteer) will bear the responsibility for the procurement and cost for obtaining all clearances.

If you have been a Pennsylvania resident for ten (10) years prior to application, and have not been convicted of any crime listed in the Child Protective Services Law, you may submit a residency affirmation form in lieu of the Act 114 FBI Criminal Background check.  See below for the Residency Affirmation Form.  This form must be notarized.

Please retain a copy of your clearances for your files and for future needs i.e. community organizations or religious affiliations.  Requests for copies of clearances after submission to the District will not be honored.
The information to the right contains information on how to obtain new clearances as well as answers to frequently asked questions. You may email with any questions regarding updating your clearances.