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West Allegheny Virtual Academy

Welcome to West Allegheny Virtual Academy

Welcome to West Allegheny Virtual Academy

The West Allegheny Virtual Academy (WAVA) provides a flexible learning option for students in grades K through 12. We recognize that students have diverse learning needs and the WAVA program endeavors to help meet those needs.

WAVA offers a variety of courses for all grade levels aligned to the West Allegheny School District curricula. Students can engage in online learning in a variety of ways:

Full-time: WAVA provides a full online educational program, which students can work on anytime, anywhere; yet still enjoy the benefits of West Allegheny highly qualified teachers facilitating their courses. WAVA students will work with their school counselor to guide them through their school years, assisting them with course selection and college/career readiness.

Hybrid: With flexible scheduling, grade 9-12 students can elect to spend a portion of their day physically attending classes with their peers while completing other classes online in their home setting.

WAVA Elective: This option provides students the opportunity to take one or two courses online while in school. Students may choose this option due to scheduling conflicts or enroll in courses only offered through WAVA.

WAVA students have access to the same resources as traditional students. They may participate in extra-curricular activities and sports offered by the District. Additionally, as a West Allegheny student, learners can earn a West Allegheny High School diploma and participate in the West Allegheny Commencement exercises upon completion of the graduation requirements.

To learn more about the WAVA program, please contact Mrs. Toni Baldanzi, Supervisor of Ancillary Programs, 724-695-5257.

WAVA Enhanced Course List