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About Athletics

On behalf of the over 85 professionals that make up our athletic administration, athletic trainers’, coaches and game day staff, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many families, friends, alums, and our West Allegheny community for their continued support of our student athletes.

Our athletic program consists of over 17 sports from the middle school through varsity levels and ancillary clubs with approximately 54 different squads. These choices provide the opportunity for our students to be exposed to the valuable life lessons of teamwork, self-discipline, courage, and fortitude that prove valuable in future endeavors. The experiences in the athletic arena can teach us how to win and lose with dignity and grace and foster the life lessons that come from being an extension of the classroom.

The conduct of our coaches, athletes and spectators in regard to sportsmanship and fair play are expectations that are of significant importance to maintain, so we ask for your continued support of these standards as you interact with opposing teams, coaches, fans and contest officials. The athletic boosters continue to play a vital role in providing support and enthusiasm for our athletes and coaches. We wish to thank them for all they do for the respective programs they serve. As we continue through the academic and athletic year, we can look forward together to another opportunity that contributes to the Tradition, Pride, Toughness and Commitment that makes up Indian athletics.

Dr. Vladimir St. Surin
Director of Athletics