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Summer Bridge - Math and Reading

Summer Bridge Learning Program

Summer Bridge Learning Program

We are excited to introduce you to the Summer Bridge Learning Program. This program is a wonderful opportunity for your child to maintain and enhance their academic skills in reading and/or mathematics during the summer break. 

During the academic year, our curriculum is designed to foster critical thinking skills and cultivate a love for reading and mathematics. Summer is the perfect time for students to continue to build upon the foundation laid during the school year. To encourage academic practice during the summer, we support student choice in selecting their own reading materials and exploring a variety of technology-based and hands on activities for math. This autonomy, coupled with opportunities for meaningful discussions, is a proven method to encourage continued learning. Summer Bridge provides a way for students to track their summer learning for a chance to earn incentives and fun prizes. 

During the summer months, many students experience a summer regression of basic academic skills. Similar to our golf swings or level of fitness, academic skills regress when not practiced. Research suggests that the learning regression during the summer months in reading can equate to 2 months and mathematics can equate to 2.6 months of instruction on average. (Entwisle, Alexander, & Olson 2001; Cooper, H., Nye, B, et al,1996). While this is concerning, participating in the Summer Bridge Program is an easy way to mitigate that regression.
For additional information, please see the detailed Summer Bridge guides aligned to the grade level your child is entering this fall. Thank you for participating in the Summer Bridge Learning Program.
To preview book content, parents may refer to Common Sense MediaGood ReadsALA, and AR Book Finder.
Books may easily be obtained from the following sources: