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Summer Bridge - Math and Reading

Welcome to the Summer Bridge Learning Program

Welcome to the Summer Bridge Learning Program
Summer is a wonderful time for families to participate in the education of their children. During the summer months many students experience a summer regression of basic academic skills. While this is concerning, there is an easy way to minimize the regression, by participating in the Summer Bridge Program! Similar to our golf swings or level of fitness, academic skills regress when not practiced. Research suggests that the learning regression during the summer months for students in reading it equates to 2 months and mathematics equates to 2.6 months of instruction on average. (Entwisle, Alexander, & Olson 2001; Cooper, H., Nye, B, et al,1996). 
The Summer Bridge Learning Program is designed to help your child maintain and possibly increase their academic skills through practice. Recommendations for the Summer Bridge Program were made through the collaboration of a committee of teachers, librarians, superintendent’s parent advisory committee and administrators. Please engage your child in the outlined academic activities. When your child returns to school in the fall, please send the Summer Bridge Learning Program Record Sheets with your child so he/she can receive our congratulations and a reward for completing the program. Thank you for participating in the Summer Bridge Learning Program.

To preview novel content, parents may refer to Common Sense MediaGood ReadsALA, and AR Book Finder.

Books may easily be obtained from the following sources:


Summer Reading Suggestions