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Parent Canvas

Welcome to Canvas - WA's Learning Management System

Canvas is the Learning Management System for West Allegheny students in grades K-12. A learning management system, (or LMS), is a software-based platform that provides a framework and tools to facilitate learning both inside and outside of the school building.
Canvas bundles assessments, grading, state standards, messaging, learning data, and more—while keeping everything simple, easy, and in one place. Canvas was chosen by a team of administrators and teachers as the District's Learning Management System for its wide range of easy to use tools for teachers, students and parents. Canvas will allow our teachers and students to use our 1:1 technology more efficiently and more effectively.
Canvas will enhance the learning experience for families who chose to return their children to the classroom this fall and will also provide a more robust learning environment for our families who chose remote education for their children. The system also not only engages the student both in and out of the classroom, but it allows parents to take part in their children's education by providing access to important class information.

What is a Learning Management System?

Getting Started with Canvas

Create a new parent account and learn how to add another student to your existing account. 
(For more detailed information, click here )

Canvas Parent App

The Canvas Parent app allows parents to engage in their children's education by providing access to important class information. The Canvas Parent app is available for parents using iOS or Android devices and can easily be configured in just a few minutes. 
With the Canvas Parent app, parents can: 
  • View the list of courses where their students are enrolled. For each course, parents can see things such as the syllabus, assignments (title, due date, and instructions) and events. 
  • Set alerts to view course announcements and/or receive reminders for a specific assignment or event (sent to mobile devices as push notifications).
  • Monitor their child’s performance on Canvas assignments (final grade reported in Skyward). 
With the Canvas Parent app, parents cannot:
  • Submit assignments, participate in discussions or take quizzes on their child’s behalf.
  • Access course content (files, pages, other students’ work, etc.).
  • Participate in the course in any way.

Canvas & Skyward Functions

West Allegheny will use Canvas as its Learning Management System 
and will continue to use Skyward for its Student Information System.  

The functionality of both platforms are identified below: