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District Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of West Allegheny School District, a leader in quality education, is to ensure that each student acquires the necessary knowledge and skills to be a responsible citizen, prepared for life-long learning and employment; this is accomplished by providing meaningful and personally challenging learning experiences within a safe, nurturing environment in partnership with family and community.

Our Vision

The West Allegheny School District will create a learning environment in which students maximize their potential and achieve success in a cooperative partnership with students, parents, staff, administration, and community through a positive, supportive, caring climate which promotes the dignity of all individuals.

Our Shared Values

· Quality education is essential to sustain our democratic society.
· Education benefits people throughout their lives.
· Every person is valuable and worthy of respect.
· All people can and want to learn.
· Quality education is a shared responsibility among students, family, school, and community.
· Higher expectations lead to higher performance.
· Family support provides a strong foundation for individual learning.
· Each individual is unique and capable of reaching higher levels of performance given the proper conditions.