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Research shows a strong correlation between positive student attendance rates and success in many areas such as academics, graduation rates, job placement and stability, and others. Just as importantly, I see in my everyday experience at school the importance that consistent attendance and punctuality make in developing students' sense of responsibility, self-confidence, social skills, and general well-being.

We at West Allegheny review our attendance policy often and enforce it with fidelity to ensure that our students receive the best opportunity possible to make the most of their education.

We believe in a proactive and preventative approach and strive to work with families to address any problems that might be preventing your child from coming to school. Please find a few resources attached as links, and most importantly always contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child's attendance, our policy, or would like any more information.

Also, the Student Handbook is available as a Referenced File for your review, as our attendance policy is stated there.  

NEW FOR 2016-2017!

Promoting Positive Attendance Incentive Program

This year to promote outstanding attendance we will be having a friendly competition between classrooms at Donaldson to see who can earn the most stars throughout the school year. Each week, Mrs. Tracy will figure out which classrooms have had outstanding attendance for the week. This means that all of the students in the class have attended 95% of the time that week, or in other words, no one has been absent more than one day. If your class reaches that goal, you will earn a star for your Dreams Start Here poster outside of your classroom. At the end of the month, the classroom with the most stars will earn a fun reward such as a special lunch with Mrs. Nolan or Mrs. Tracy or an extra recess! At the end of each 9 weeks, the winning classroom will earn an even bigger reward! By the end of the school year, the reward could be so exciting you will NOT want to miss it! Sometimes there could be chances to earn extra stars too, so keep your ears open.

Thank you for trying your very best to come to school every day on time so that you can learn and grow into the very best you! 

Parents/Guardians, please contact Mrs. Tracy ([email protected], 724-213-1014) with any questions about our building-wide positive attendance program.