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Program Overview

Program Overview

The most successful guidance program requires the support and participation of all school personnel, students, parents/guardians, outside agencies, and the community.

My philosophy for a successful guidance program is based on the following beliefs:

  • All students can learn and grow.
  • All students deserve and should give respect.
  • Each child is unique and has his/her own developemental needs.
  • Each student/family has certain rights and responsibilities.
  • The school social work/counseling program functions in collaboration with students, school staff, parents/guardians, and the community to create and maintain student success.
  • The school social work/counseling program is facilitated by professionals who must uphold all ethical standards specified by the state of Pennsylvania.

The social worker is in the guidance office daily, during school hours, and is available to meet with any student at Donaldson. I can be contacted by phone or email at any time and will return messages as promptly as possible.