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Director of Facilities and Operations

Kenneth Fibbi

Mr. Kenneth Fibbi

Kenneth Fibbi has served as the Director of Facilities and Operations for the West Allegheny School District since 2008. As Director, Mr. Fibbi worked closely with the District administration and school board to complete two major renovation projects.  Both McKee and Wilson Elementary Schools, originally built in 1974, underwent comprehensive renovation projects to include energy-efficient improvements and technological advancements.  

During this time, the District also undertook an energy conservation program, which resulted in a savings of over $500,000 in the first two years of implementation. This savings resulted in the District winning the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance Award for its significant energy and cost savings efforts.
Prior to joining the District, Mr. Fibbi worked at three nationally known firms where his experience included work in the medical, hotel and institutional construction fields.  During this time he also worked on construction projects for a number of other local school districts.

Mr. Fibbi holds a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering degree from the Pennsylvania State University, which is an ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accredited program. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and a Certified Uniform Construction Code Inspector. He is married and lives in Pittsburgh with his wife Michelle and their four children.