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Facilities Overview

Facilities Overview

The West Allegheny School District facilities include the High School (grades 9-12) located at 205 West Allegheny Road; the Middle School (grades 6-8) located on the same 75-acre campus as the High School at 207 West Allegheny Road; Wilson Elementary School located on a 27.5-acre campus at 100 Bruno Lane; Donaldson Elementary located on a 26.8-acre campus at 600 Donaldson Road; McKee Elementary School on a 79.4-acre campus at 1501 Oakdale Road; and a maintenance building located on the McKee campus at 1495 Oakdale Road. The three elementary schools provide services to students in kindergarten-grade 5. All the facilities are located in North Fayette Township except Wilson Elementary, which is in Findlay Township.

West Allegheny High School, 205 West Allegheny Road, Imperial Pa 15126. The construction of the current High School building began in 1961 and opened to students in 1962. The academic sections of the building are two stories in height with common areas on the ground level. Renovations in 1972 added a classroom wing, a swimming pool and increased the cafeteria/kitchen areas. In 1992 more classrooms were added along with extensive renovations to the facility, and in 1999 a new 2,000-seat, two-story gymnasium, a music classroom, an expansion to the cafeteria, and an academic classroom wing (including a video studio) were added. As part of that project, the library was moved to the old gym area, a new chorus room was created, and the old library space was converted into classrooms. The kitchen was remodeled incorporating a food-court design in 2006. In 2007 artificial turf was installed in the stadium in addition to other improvements to the stadium grounds. A $26 million two-year project began in 2008 to add a two-story, 22-classroom wing and a two-story locker room/offices/two-classroom addition to the gym. This project also provided for the expansion of the auditorium. An increase in capacity just shy of 1,000 seats was realized by utilizing a new balcony and mezzanine seating area. The project also included relocation and expansion of the tennis court area on the campus and extensive renovations to the rest of the building and its mechanical systems. In addition to the stadium, which has a capacity of approximately 4,000 and includes a press box, scoreboard and concession stand, the campus also includes a softball field, a multipurpose field, a football practice field, four tennis courts and an outdoor classroom. There is on-site parking for approximately 500 cars, including a lot with approximately 200 spaces for student parking. This latest renovation project was completed in 2010 and will allow the district to accommodate the expected increase in enrollment over the next ten years.

West Allegheny Middle School, 207 West Allegheny Road, Imperial, PA 15126. The two-story Middle School was opened in 1976 and is located on the same campus as the High School. The building was renovated, and additions made in 2000-2001, which included a new roof, new heating and air conditioning systems, a gymnasium expansion and eleven new classrooms. Remodeled areas also include the entrance, cafeteria (including the addition of a food court), industrial arts area, common areas, and existing classrooms. The middle school includes a fab lab, computer labs, a library, and a gymnasium.

Wilson Elementary School, 100 Bruno Lane, Imperial, PA 15126. The Wilson Elementary School is located in Findlay Township, just off Boggs Road. The building was built in 1971-1972 as a twin of the McKee Elementary School. A comprehensive renovation project was completed in 2015, which included the addition of a collaboratory, full-service kitchen, state-of-the-art computer lab, individualized classrooms, student-friendly library, a competition gymnasium, refreshed swimming pool. The school also has an outside playground. The Wilson campus includes a historic two-story log house with an outdoor amphitheater, which is used by students periodically as a part of their curricular activities and for events to which the community is invited.

McKee Elementary School, 1501 Oakdale Road, Oakdale, PA 1057. The McKee Elementary School was built in 1971-1972 as a twin to Wilson Elementary School. A comprehensive renovation project was completed in 2016, that mirrored the Wilson Elementary project, which included the addition of a collaboratory, full-service kitchen, state-of-the-art computer lab, individualized classrooms, student-friendly library, a competition gymnasium, refreshed swimming pool. Both McKee and Wilson incorporated skylights to introduce natural lighting. The school is equipped with an outdoor playground area and a wooded amphitheater area used for classes. The McKee campus has a large athletic field used for school and community soccer.

Donaldson Elementary School, 600 Donaldson Road, Oakdale, Pa 10571. Donaldson Elementary was opened to students at the start of the 2003-2004 school year. Additions were made in 2004-2005 to add eight classrooms to allow for future enrollment. The building includes a swimming pool, full-service kitchen, cafeteria, gym, computer lab, regular classrooms, art and music rooms, . The school also has an outside playground area, an outdoor classroom in a butterfly garden area, and a reading amphitheater outside the two-story glass-enclosed library. Also located on the campus is the West Allegheny Varsity Baseball field.

District Maintenance Facility, 1495 Oakdale Road, Oakdale, PA 10571. Constructed in 2006, the District Maintenance Facility is located on a portion of the McKee campus on Oakdale Road. The building houses the offices for the facilities department staff and record drawing storage for all district facilities. In addition, the building includes maintenance bays for repair and storage of all district vehicles and equipment and a warehouse area for district supplies. The facility includes sufficient space for vehicle parking, road salt storage, and grounds equipment maintenance.