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Tax Information

School Real Estate Tax
Payment Dates

Discount:  August 31 
Face:  October 31
Penalty:  Beginning November 1

Payments not received by December 31 will be turned over to our delinquent real estate tax collector typically by February 1.

Local Real Estate Tax

Payment:  Municipality, Face, Discount Penalty

Findlay Twp.:  July 31, May 31, Beginning August 1
North Fayette Twp.:  August 31, June 30, Beginning Sept. 1
Oakdale Borough:  September 30, July 31, Beginning October 1

Tax Collectors:

Findlay Township: Barbara Coates, 724-695-2995
North Fayette Township:  Tom Falcioni, 724-693-3116
Oakdale Borough:  Dawn Ostrander, 724-693-9889

School District Delinquent Real Estate Tax Collector for all three municipalities:  The Law Firm of Andrews & Price, 412-243-9700.
Andrews and Price Delinquent Tax Website: https://www.andrewsandprice.com/payments/

Earned Income Tax

Payment: Withheld by Employer
Tax Collectors:  Jordan Tax Service (as of 1/1/2012)

Tax Payments