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Bid Terms

In accordance with the terms set forth herein, please submit bids for the items listed. THE BID FORM MUST BE SIGNED AND ALL BIDS MUST BE F.O.B. THE DESTINATIONS SHOWN BELOW, on the exact item specified, or an approved equal. Specifications and/or samples must accompany all substitute items. Submit bids on this form in a SEALED IDENTIFIED ENVELOPE. The right is reserved to reduce quantities if the total cost exceeds the budgeted amount. Special discount terms should be listed and will be considered.
Bids must be in on or before MARCH 22, 2024, at 12:00 Noon to the Administration Office, 110 Bruno Lane, Imperial PA 15126
PRICE - NO ESCALATOR CLAUSE - Prices quoted herein shall not be withdrawn for 180 days from MARCH 22, 2024. Purchase Orders will be sent to successful bidders no later than July 1, 2024.
West Allegheny School District reserves the right to return any unapproved substitute items received within 30 days of receipt in exchange for corrected items at quoted price at vendors cost. 


West Allegheny Business Office
P. O. Box 55
Imperial, PA  15126

Business Manager
George Safin
Fax:  724-695-3788