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Department of Communication

Karen Ruhl
Community Relations Coordinator
[email protected] 

The Office of Communications provides support to West Allegheny students, staff, parents, and community by providing a forum for strategic, two-way communication. The department works to inform internal and external audiences of school-sponsored activities and programs through the media, marketing and print materials, video, Web and social media platforms.

News and Media Information
The West Allegheny School District strives to provide accurate, up-to-date information for members of the media and community. If you are interested in reporting on a story regarding the District, please review the information below:

Interviewing School Officials
If interested in interviewing an official or staff member, first contact the Office of Communications at 724.695.5274.

Visiting WA Schools
When visiting West Allegheny schools or buildings, media members must be accompanied by an administrator or assigned staff member. To schedule a visit with the District, please contact the Office of Communications.

Photographing Students or Staff
No West Allegheny students are to be interviewed or photographed without written consent from the Office of Communications.


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