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English as a Second Language


English Language Learners (ELL) services are provided at the Donaldson Elementary School
and the West Allegheny Miiddle and High Schools. Donaldson Elementary School is operating as a satellite school for all elementary ELL students.
The goals of the program are to assist English Language Learners to work at an optimal pace to gain proficiency in the English language, achieve academic success and acquire cultural familiarity.  Children are placed into the language instruction education program based in WIDA and ACCESS scores. Students who meet the exit criteria as established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are required to be monitored in the educational setting for four years. 
The model that West Allegheny School District utilizes for delivery of instruction is an ELL pull-out/push in model rather than bilingual education, in view of the diverse linguistic backgrounds of our students.  ELL instruction is provided by teachers who hold instructional I or II certification in elementary education, English, Reading Specialist, or foreign language.  All of the ELL teachers in the department hold the Pennsylvania Program Specialist Certificate in ELL.  West Allegheny School District certifies that all ELL teachers are highly qualified in the classroom they are assigned. 
Communication will be conveyed in the language of preference of the parents.  If parents wish to receive written or verbal communication in their native language, please contact your child's teacher.
PA Law now requires the school district to offer the parent the right to refuse direct English Language Learning services.  Please contact your child's ELL teacher or Tammy Adams, Director of Student Services to discuss this process.

ELL Staff

                                  Assistant to the Superintendent for
                                 Special Education & Student Services                               
                                                    Tammy Adams
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           Elementary Teacher               Middle School Teacher          High School Teacher
           Christiana Butler                           Allison McLaren                    Kim Patterson
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